BohConf 2010—Boh Monroe

BohConf started in 2010 as the "Conf of Pleasant Coding." RailsConf came to Baltimore and SmartLogic organized the official—and free—unconference. By all accounts BohConf was a success, with one attendee going so far as to call BohConf "The Best Ruby Conference Ever."

BohConf 2010 included community code drives with well-known open source authors, a programming competition, a code retreat, and barcamp-style discussions.

The local Rails community (B'more on Rails) was a gracious host indeed, offering out-of-towners places to stay and free rides to and from BWI.

BohConf 2011—Boh Fiction

Baltimore was such a gracious host to RailsConf and BohConf that the organizers of RailsConf made the obvious decision of bringing RailsConf back to Baltimore for another year.

Always ones to outdo ourselves we at SmartLogic brought BohConf back in style. That included $800 of snacks from Sam's Club and various goodies graciously provided by our friends at Natty Boh, including several cases of Boh cans, a Boh cornhole set, and last but certainly not least a case of Boh 40's aka the best conference schwag ever.

BohConf 2011 included many of the same things as BohConf 2010 including community code drives and barcamp. BohConf 2011 also included an overwhelmingly successful KidsRuby session that was attended by more than 60 local middle and high school students. BohConf 2011 also included an open government hackathon, JRuby code drive, and a number of guided exploration sessions.

BohConf 2012—CowBoh

RailsConf moved to Austin, TX in 2012, and BohConf went with it. The local Austin Rails community stepped up and organized BohConf. We at SmartLogic still designed and printed some cool BohConf t-shirts.

BohConf 2013

RailsConf moved to Portland, OR in 2013, but there was no unconf. We decided that Baltimore needed its own conference focused on the latest practices and technologies in the web and mobile development worlds and decided to bring Bohconf back to its home: Baltimore.

In adhering with BohConf's mission of being local and accessible to everyone we've worked hard to make BohConf both cheap and packed with worldclass speakers. The good thing is we need only look in our own backyard for those great speakers.